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Discover Ways That Reading Comprehension Can Benefit You

Reading comprehensions is very important and has been seen to have a great impact on childhood as they are offered a good guide to adulthood. Reading comprehension is part of academic and has been seen to help students to grow and even have got to realize their dreams of building homes and having a future that is bright. The low rates of literacy have been reported to increase the costs of the US economy for instance in health care alone $230 billion are lost due to illiteracy every year. Illiteracy cannot be claimed as an individual problem, though it has been seen to affect lots of communities through an increase in crimes, tax burned and this has also been seen to affect the economy negatively. Discover how reading comprehension is important to you.

Poor reading skills have greatly resulted to having low educational levels, and this translates to increase in the poverty levels. Even though the government has put measures on the way that is needed in the regulation of literacy levels, only a few rules and regulations are being followed, and this has resulted to illiteracy being on a high level. Another thing that may have contributed to low literacy is the kind of teaching styles that are being applied in schools are not compatible with the modern ways of learning.

Nowadays in the year of assessments of high-stakes it is ‘teaching to test’ which is becoming very popular. It is not all teachers who like to use this strategy though because they feel like they are being prohibited from using the strategies that they have in mind. This also brings about so much stress for the students and them as well. The relieve that is being brought by the comprehension reading is the best now that students no longer need to go through the stress. It is through comprehension reading that learners pass their standardized tests with flying colors. The good thing about this kind of reading is that it helps students to understand and recognize words on sight. After comprehension reading, this is when individuals can recognize that without text, there cannot be any sense in a text.

There cannot be any meaning in a text which doesn’t have context. Most of the text-based teaching used today usually lack context, and that is why they do not make any meaning. Readers who are strong though would spend too much of their time when using all the text so that they can understand what it means. When you are an employee and you get a note from your boss that only reads like this; “Congratulations on your promotion,” you would need to read more to get more of the meaning and the benefits.